Can I Buy Bubble Hash in the UK and Europe?

Bubble Hash is available to buy online in the UK and Europe.

    It is a unique hash which gets it's peculiar name from the way it is made and smoked.  To make Bubble Hash is a simple technique, and it is also one of the purest forms of cannabis your can buy or make yourself.  It has actually been around for about 40 years, since the early 1980's, but it's only recently that this powerful cannabis product has become popular again.

    Bubble Hash gets it's name from the small bubbles that appear when it is being smoked.  It is also referred to as Water Hash, or Ice Water Hash, and this is because of the way it is made. 

    To separate the resin from the cannabis, water or ice water is used.  The resin is a dense compound and the technique of straining the resin will isolate it.




    The trichomes that appear on cannabis after around 3-4 weeks look like tiny white hairs, almost crystal-like in appearance.  Under a microscope they look like small glass mushrooms.  It is the trichomes that need to be separated to make the Bubble Hash.

    There are a few simple steps to making the perfect Bubble Hash :

    • First of all you will a clean medium-sized bucket

    • Access to clean cold water

    • Plenty of ice to hand

    • 3 different sized micron screen bags (the bags will have different size holes to capture the trichomes, i.e. 25/75/120 microns for example

    • A wooden spoon


                                      MICRON SCREEN BUBBLE BAGS FOR MAKING BUBBLE HASH



      To begin with :

      • Put the 3 different sized micron screen bags into the bucket, one inside the other, the smallest micron screen should be put in first

      • Layer the bottom of the micron bag with ice, enough to cover the base

      • Divide your cannabis/trim into 2 halves

      • Sprinkle the first half of the cannabis/trim evenly over the ice

      • Add another even layer of ice on top of the cannabis/trim

      • Sprinkle the second half of the cannabis/trim over the ice 

      • Finally add another layer of ice evenly

      When this is done, add just enough cold water to make the ice on top float.  Leave the mixture to sit for around 20 minutes, and then stir it with a wooden spoon in an agitating motion for around 15 minutes. 

      Using plenty of ice, this will make the trichomes brittle and able to snap off.  As you stir the mixture the trichomes will freeze.

      Once you have agitated the mixture well, leave it to sit for 20 minutes, and then the next step is :

      • Lift out the first micron bag and shake off the excess water

      • Sit the bag on a flat surface and scrape the trichomes out (these trichomes will be dark green and may contain some plant material)

      • Take out the next bag, but don't squeeze out any water, just let it naturally fall out.  Scrape out the residue again. This will be a little lighter in colour and plant material than the first

      • The last bag can be lifted out, and the hash can be collected.  It will be lighter in colour again, and much purer and dense

      The micron bags are used to achieve different grades of bubble hash.  If there is excess water, this can be pressed out gently with muslin cloth or similar.




      Of course making your own Bubble Hash is time consuming, so patience is needed.  However, it is a labour of love for some.

      There are many reputable suppliers of Bubble Hash online.  The products will specify the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content or even the CBD (cannabidiol) content.

      For those unaware of cannabis compounds, THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis that gives a mind-altering effect.  Fans of THC like the 'high' feeling that it imparts.

      CBD, however, is non-psychoactive with <0.2% THC.

      Both THC and CBD are renowned for their healing benefits.  They can treat many health conditions like :

      • chronic pain

      • epilepsy

      • arthritis

      • rheumatic pain

      • migraine

      • acne

      • eczema

      • Parkinson's Disease

      • Crohn's Disease

      • gout

      • cancer

      • psoriasis

      • headaches ....and more

      Also, mental health conditions such as :

      • bipolar

      • stress

      • depression

      • anxiety

      • poor sleep

      all can be address with these powerful cannabinoids.

      So whether it's Bubble Hash, or any other form of the healing compounds derived from cannabis, supplementing your daily routine could be beneficial.






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