Kief - Where Can I Buy the Best Kief in the UK and Ireland?

Kief is available in the UK and Ireland online from numerous reputable suppliers.

Cultivation and production of kief is big business, and some countries are more profound at it than others.  However, it is readily available to buy online in the UK and Ireland.

Cannabis has been cultivated in Morocco for instance for centuries.  Today, it is one of the world's largest producers, in fact in 2016 Morocco was declared the largest producer of hash globally.  To differentiate, hash is actually kief that has been pressurized and heated.  This allows the hash form soft green balls.

The Rif Region specifically, is where almost all of Morocco's cannabis production can be located.  This mountainous area is located between the port city of Tangier right up to the Mediterranean Sea.

Geographically the Rif Region is in the north of Morocco.  It typically has the weather conditions of familiar continental countries, i.e. it can be colder in the winter and hotter in the summer, as opposed to the Moroccan coast, where temperatures can differ.





It was in the 1960's when Morocco excelled in international trade of cannabis, and this was because of it's massive hashish production.  Before this time there were only small amounts of Lebanese hash to be found.  However, the introduction of the 'Hippie Trail' changed all that.

The Hippie Trail was a journey.  It was an overland route that became popular in the mid 1950's, which carried on until the late 1970's.  The 'Trail' started in London, UK, it went through Istanbul and made it's way towards Nepal.  It finally came to a crescendo in Kathmandu.

Hippies from all over the globe jumped on to the Hippie Trial.  They went in search of legal cannabis.  THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) was the ingredient giving the mind-altering effect.  Hippies were renowned for getting 'high', relaxing amongst friends, being 'cool'.  CBD (cannabidiol), the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, was then relatively unheard of.

Hippies are fondly remembered from this bygone time, as peace-loving, free individuals, who wanted to spread love as well as searching for their holy grail of cannabis.  Hippies back then who embarked on this journey, were on soul-searching missions.  They were exploring the ancient cultures within the Moroccan lifestyle, being gently enlightened along the way by history and embedded rituals.




Sadly the popular Hippie Trail does not exist today.  Yet at every stop along the way there were hotels, cafes, restaurants, and other amenities for Westerners to freely use.  It was unmistakably a boost to economy at the time for many hospitality venues and services.

Hash and kief in our world today in available online in the UK and Ireland.  You can access various different hash and kief products online, and they are considered to be a delicacy by most cannabis lovers.

Hash is typically made from Trichomes as they are the key to this powerful compound.  Trichomes are the thick, sticky resin of the cannabis plant.  The trichomes appearance is a tiny hair-like structure, with a crystal looking aspect to the naked eye.  However, when held under a microscope the trichomes look very much like glass mushrooms.




Trichomes are powerful cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.  They produce an unparalleled aroma, flavour, and effect, much sort-after by those who enjoy supreme cannabis products.

The ancient art of extracting the resin is a simple one.  Just two ingredients are needed, one is dried cannabis flower, and the other is clean hands.  The cannabis is rubbed between the hands, leaving the resin to form a thick, sticky, residue.  This is scraped off carefully and rolled into balls.  The balls have a creamy texture with a fudge-like appearance.  Sometimes referred to as Nepalese Temple Balls, this hand-pressed resin can be polished to give a glass marble look, perfectly presented as a supreme hash.

Nepalese Temple balls are extremely potent and not difficult to find these days, a little definitely goes a long way.


                                      NEPALESE TEMPLE BALLS - EASY TO FIND ONLINE IN THE UK AND EUROPE


Generally, hash and kief have a smoother taste.  They have a high oil content, with an earthy, aroma.  Derived from the Rif Mountain region, hash has other uses in addition to recreational.

Some strains have been recognised for treating some health and well-being conditions, such as muscle spasms, migraines, chronic pain, headaches, and others.  Not only do these strains appear to be beneficial to health, they can give an uplifting feeling of positivity.







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