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THC-P Distillate - 99%
THC-P Distillate - 99%

THC-P Distillate - 99%

Buy 99% THC-P Distillate

Hempire Gardens now offers one of the newest cannabinoids to debut in the cannabis industry! We are entering a new era of cannabis concentrates. High-quality cannabis oil derived from hemp is what we offer in our THC-P Distillate. Hempire Gardens' 99% THC-P Distillate is the purest and cleanest quality. You can buy THC-P distillate in the UK & Europe online at Hempire Gardens.


Extract Description

  • Type: Tetrahydrocannabiphorol
  • Concentration: 99% 
  • Δ9THC: None detected
  • Origin Material: Hemp


Product line reference (THC-P): #05



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