Hempire Gardens first began its R&D on Hemp x Cannabis genetics


Worldwide genetics sourced


Natural terpenes that we use


Return customers that trust and love our products


Choose the genetic

R&D carried out in order to select a desired phenotype. We sought a composition that would boast a superior and dominant flower. Additionally, we attained a high level of CBD, whilst complying with recommended EU legal levels of THC.


Relocated to Cataluña, Spain

We relocated to Cataluña, Spain, where our farms are currently situated. We chose this location as the geographical data we studied, revealed that both southern France and northern Spain have the optimum climate for the cultivation of industrial hemp.


EU Regulations and Safety

Our cultivation process adheres to stringent EU Regulations and Guidelines. Following the recommended practices ensures safety, quality, and lawfulness. Our hemp flower remains at <0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), in compliance with Spanish legislation, (The Royal Decree 1729/1999).


Natural Terpenes

We use only high-resolution, botanically derived terpene blends. Each of our terpene profiles is an exact match to famous THC cannabis genetics. This is an endorsement that we supply a completely safe and organic product.