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75% HHC Crumble - Blueberry Cookies
75% HHC Crumble - Blueberry Cookies

75% HHC Crumble - Blueberry Cookies

HHC Concentrate Blueberry Cookies

HHC: 75%   -   CBG:  20%   -   NATURAL TERPENES:  5%

Buy Blueberry Cookies HHC Crumble in Europe and UK. Hempire Gardens's HHC Crumble is made with a unique blend of HHC and CBG Distillate in addition to 100% Natural OU Kosher Certified Terpenes.

Crumble, sometimes called wax due to its tacky texture of falling apart, is a pure form of cannabis extract favored by experienced cannabis fanatics. HHC Crumble is typically used in the vaporizing and dabbing technique.

The main benefits of the Crumble experience:

  • The Purest form of Cannabis
  • Highly concentrated, only small amounts required for desired effects
  • Full-Spectrum, therefore the entourage effect can be achieved
  • Easily Vaporized



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