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Blueberry Cookies Strain
Blueberry Cookies Strain

CBD Blueberry Cookies

Blueberry Cookies Strain

Dinafem Seeds, the legendary Spanish breeder, bred Blueberry Cookies Strain from Blueberry Tahoe and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The Blueberry Cookies Strain gives you a mind-elevating, brain-soaring sense of creativity. You won't feel anxious or paranoid like you would with some uplifting strains because Blueberry Cookies isn't so high. Your typical reaction will be a sense of warmth and calm.

  • 11-12% CBD
  • Hand manicured to perfection
  • No small buds, seeds or leafy material

Layers of notes

sweet cherries and grape, with sour and skunky notes





The flavor profile of blueberry strains traces back to the 1970s, with the creation of the original Blueberry strain by DJ Short.






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