CBD And It's Welcomed Growth

CBD (cannabidiol) has been around for centuries.  It is a valuable compound derived from the hemp plant.

Over recent years we have seen not only growth in demand for CBD, but valid interest in CBD products on the whole.

Long ago it was discovered that CBD had healing properties.  It could be said that it is an almost magical compound that truly does address many ailments and illnesses.

As the world awakens to CBD as a remedy there is growing demand for all this cannabinoid has to offer.

Many studies and researches have, and still are, being carried out as we try to fathom exactly how far the benefits of this wonderful supplement can go.  There seems to be a never-ending inventory of relief and solutions CBD can offer.

Only just a couple of years ago CBD products could be difficult to access as many retailers were sceptical and uneducated about not only the benefits, but the safety aspects of using this alternative remedy.  Prescribed medication is the more familiar and usual route for many who want to alleviate pain, or address a physical or menta condition.  For those who prefer a more natural, homeopathic treatment CBD is the answer.

Encouraging news came in 2018 when Holland and Barrett, (a UK health store chain), and Harvey Nicols were two of the first high street retailers in the UK to stock CBD products.  Not only did they make the popular CBD oil available, but also skincare products such as moisturizers, balms and salves were stocked.  In addition to this soaps, cleansers, shampoos, conditioners were also offered.  The versatility of this compound means that it can be added into a plethora of consumables.  Not only can we experience the benefit of CBD through our personal care regimes, but CBD has now made it's welcomed way into our food and drinks.

A year on (2019), and sales of CBD products have doubled! This trend shows how effective and popular CBD products have become.

There is an abundance of information now available online too professing the good qualities and benefits of CBD.  From treating things such as arthritis, stress, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, various skin problems and many, many more physical and mental conditions.

There are also many vendors online making CBD products more accessible.  However, it is advisable to do your homework on not only exactly what you want to achieve, but the authenticity of what you are buying.  For example, with CBD oil for instance, there are different strengths and sizes.  Also some manufacturers use harmful chemicals in their cultivating process, which basically is a negative aspect and detracts from the general ethos CBD can offer.  

The more organic and natural the cultivation process is, the purer the end product will be.  Here at Hempire Gardens we pride ourselves on the cultivation processes we use.  You can follow our process on Instagram and You Tube.  Please follow the links on our website.

It is worth mentioning here too that European Regulations and Guidelines are stringently adhered to.  Regular product laboratory analyses are carried out to ensure quality and safety.

This year, (2020) the CBD industry globally is set to hit the $2.2 million mark! It's an unbelievable achievement, but comes as no surprise as the demand for CBD products continues to rocket.  It's encouraging and interesting to see the world awakening.




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