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  • Tasting notes: candy-flavoured, deliciously sweet
  • CBD: 11-12%
  • Excellent flower only. No stems, leafy material or small flowers



Important declaration:   We do NOT use any type of process to alter the THC/CBD content of our flowers (e.g; butane, ethanol...)


Cultivation & Production 

Hempire Gardens premium CBD hemp flowers are grown to an exceptional quality, carefully harvested by hand, mechanically shucked & hand trimmed, and finally presented free of the stems, stalks, and seed.

You are welcome to view our methods of cultivation and watch us produce a healthy, organic crop from day one.  We are confident that we are unique in our approach, and believe we have a strong advantage over competitors with our ‘open book’ perspective. 

EU Regulations & Safety 

Each stage of our cultivation process is subject to stringent examination and analysis.  Our partnered CTAEX laboratory consistently evaluates samples throughout the harvest cycle.  This ensures not only that we adhere to EU legal requirements (<0.2 % thc) , but all  health and safety aspects are covered.


If you order and pay before 3pm (GMT+1) your order will be sent that same day. You will receive an e-mail with your order number and Track & Trace information.

Delivery options to Europe & UK:

  • Standard: 3-4 business days 

  • Express: 1-2 business days 

Deliveries outside the EU:  United kingdom / Switzerland / Norway / Iceland, we are obligated to add an export invoice because of the import regulations in your country. The good news is that Hempire Gardens covers the customs import tax and clearance for it's customers to minimize the delay that may be caused by this situation.

For more information, you are welcome to read our Shipping Policy





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