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Forbidden Fruit Weed Strain
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Forbidden Fruit Weed Strain

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit Weed Strain

Aside from the flavor profile, the high of Forbidden Fruit Weed Strain will definitely appeal to you. The smooth burning bud offers users a break from coughing fits as well as an almost immediate chill, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. Cherry Pie and Tangie are crossed in this 70/30 hybrid to produce a well-balanced, delicious strain perfect for nighttime consumption.

  • 11-12% CBD
  • Hand manicured to perfection
  • No small buds, seeds or leafy material

Layers of notes

A mouthwatering strain with a deep thyme aroma. This unique profile balances between sweet purple notes and a herbal fragrance.





A descendant of Tangie and Cherry Pie. Forbidden Fruit is a strain that is both named after sweets and is luscious in flavour.





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