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HHC Oils
HHC Oils

HHC Oils

Full-Spectrum HHC Oil | HHC Tincture

The unique and revolutionary HHC is an exciting outcome of hemp extraction. Buy high-quality Hempire Gardens' Full-Spectrum HHC oil Tincture in UK and Europe.

Full-Spectrum HHC Oil is one of the best ways to enjoy all the benefits offered by HHC. The very new HHC cannabinoid is an exciting outcome of hemp extraction. Our HHC tincture is made using the latest scientific techniques to produce a highly purified form of hemp-derived HHC. This natural compound is believed to offer a range of potential benefits, including improved mood, reduced anxiety, and better sleep.
  • HHC: 3000 MG 
  • THC Content: <0%
  • Bottle Content: 10ml/250 drops 
  • Extraction Material: Industrial Hemp


Product line reference (HHC): #03



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