CBD and The Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, many countries have been locked down.  Citizens are being asked to remain indoors to slow down the spread of this invisible killer. 

Those displaying symptoms of the virus are advised to self-isolate for several days.  These are worrying times albeit -focusing on one’s health is definitely a positive step in the right direction.

Being isolated at home has given us time, with limited distractions to optimise our health. 

Health and well-being has never been more important than now.  A healthy diet is important to boost the immune system and ensure we get all the nutrients we need.  Changing what we put into our bodies can be daunting with everything that is available to us at the touch of a button.

Research is the key.  There is an unlimited amount of information on the World Wide Web, and a plethora of other means, i.e. books, podcasts, videos.

This is the ideal time to focus on positive changes that will have a good impact on our self-esteem and confidence. 

Our habits and routines give our day structure.  Introducing new ideas can help us to maintain our goals.

Uncertainty can induce feelings of anxiety and can also cause insomnia.

CBD flowers and oils are a great way to introduce the benefits of hemp.

There are many health symptoms that can be alleviated with CBD flowers and oils.  They are safe to use and can be added into our diets quite easily.

CBD flowers are available in different flavours, and everyone has their favourite.  Here at Hempire Gardens we are the flavour experts.  Our CBD flowers are in high demand as customers experience the benefits.

Introducing CBD flowers into your routine is quite simple.  CBD flowers and oils are very versatile and can be added into our food and drinks daily.

CBD flowers can be ground down to be sprinkled on salads.  They can be added to sauces, soups and practically any recipe.  Sometimes, depending on ingredients, CBD products can blend into food without it being obvious. 

Baking is also a great way to enjoy CBD flowers and oils.  Added into the batter it will give a pleasant flavour with great benefits.

Ingesting CBD through edibles is a great way of reaping the benefits.  Pain relief, anxiety, insomnia, etc. can be relieved at around 20 minutes.

For those who like to smoke the CBD flowers, pre-rolls are available in different flavours.  They are a convenient way to take in the benefits of CBD flowers.  Some like to make their own pre-roll cones, leaving out tobacco as it is very harmful to health.

CBD oil can be dropped under the tongue.  Used sparingly, (2-3 drops is ample), gives welcomed relief.

CBD does not get you ‘high’ because it is non-psychoactive.  EU Regulations and guidelines ensure that distributors follow rigorous analysis on a regular basis.




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