CBD and Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal nail infection is a common condition usually found in toenails, specifically the big toenail.

The toenail becomes infected with a fungus.  It is hard to define where the fungus has been picked up, but typical places are swimming pools and gyms.  These are places where there are changing rooms, and people can walk about in their bare feet.  Cross-infection can happen in this environment despite good hygiene and good personal care routines. 

Also moist conditions can cause fungal nail infection.  For example, if you are not drying your feet properly after showering or bathing, and then putting on socks and/or shoes.  This then traps the moisture, sometimes for hours, giving the fungus time to grow.  Feet sweating excessively can also cause fungal nail infection.

Fungus on the nail can be quite unsightly.  The nail can turn a yellowish colour and can become brittle and thick.  There is also a rancid, unpleasant smell from the fungus.  Left untreated the infection can spread to the other nails.

A wide range of creams and antibiotics are available to treat fungal nail infection, but it can take some time to totally clear up the problem.

Unfortunately too, fungal nail infection can also cause athlete's foot.  This is a very irritating condition as it can be very itchy and problematic, (sometimes waking you through the night to scratch that itch!)

Athlete's foot presents a dry, scaly, itchy rash.  Sometimes the skin can break making it painful, although there are some creams and powders available to soothe the problem.

A relatively new remedy to treat athlete's foot and fungal nail infection is CBD.  

CBD products are now an ever-growing supplement to remedy many ailments.  CBD oil is probably the most popular choice because of it's versatility and ease of use.

CBD (cannabidiol) is derived from the cannabis plant.  It has natural anti-fungal properties, therefore it's great at fighting infection.

CBD contains the phytonutrients of the humble hemp plant, and it's cannabinoids work with the our body's own endocannabinoid system to fight infection.

Available too are creams containing CBD which can be massaged into the affected area. CBD has natural fatty acids to moisturise the dry and brittle areas of the foot and/or nail.

There are other ways to take CBD, i.e. vaping or edibles.  Probably the most convenient way is to administer a couple of drops of CBD oil under the tongue daily.  This is a quick and effect way to receive the CBD oil benefits.

CBD products are safe to use and non-addictive.

Together with a good hygiene regime, some comfortable footwear and a daily dose of CBD oil, fungal nail and athlete's foot can be combated.



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