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Moby Dick (Autos)
Moby Dick (Autos)
Moby Dick (Autos)
Moby Dick (Autos)

Moby Dick (Autos)

THC 16% CBG 1% I Teripinolene

Top effect: Energetic

Flavour & aroma: Citrus

Moby Dick is a sativa marijuana strain. It is produced crossing ‘White Widow’ with ‘Haze’. In comparison to a relaxing strain, Moby Dick affords an energetic and uplifting effect. Characteristic of this strain, MB has a high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content, probably best reserved for veteran cannabis consumers. Medical cannabis users favour this strain for the remedial effects it can provide. Health issues such as, anxiety, depression, and stress can be addressed successfully with this strain. Refreshing eucalyptus reins strong behind a creamy vanilla flavour.



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