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Blueberry (Autos)
Blueberry (Autos)
Blueberry (Autos)
Blueberry (Autos)

Blueberry (Autos)

THC: 17%  CBG 1%  I Myrcene

Top effect: Sleepy

Flavour & aroma: Blueberry

High Times Cannabis Cup 2000 Winner - Best Indica

An attractive looking strain with colourful buds, Blueberry is also known as ‘Berry Blue’.  Blueberry is an indica marijuana strain, created by crossing ‘Thai’ with ‘Purple Thai’.  Taste is a definitive refreshing blueberry.  Effects are an unyielding euphoric buzz, giving a consistent relaxing outcome.  The high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content of Blueberry is sought after in particular to remedy health conditions, such as, stress and chronic pain.  A popular strain, Blueberry was awarded ‘Best Indica’ at High Times, Cannabis Cup 2000.



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