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Drop shipping

Start earning today with our CBD Hemp flower dropshipping program! 


looking for premium quality CBD hemp flowers and a reliable supplier to sell direct on your website? 

Start selling top quality CBD flowers at no costs or risks!

Please, read this page carefully outlining our CBD flower dropshipping program process and watching the instructive video. Don't forget to complete our registration form so we can help you start your CBD business!


Why choosing Hempire Gardens for Dropshipping program? 

* Premium Quality

* Consistent availability 

* Reliable supplier

* Discreet and private 


 What is Dropshipping and what's its benefits?  

So you want to start a new CBD business and don't know where to start? that's awesome because that's what dropshipping is here for…

If you don’t know what drop shipping is, read on to find out why drop shipping is profitable and a preferred option for many online stores.

  • It’s the one of the most popular way to build an eCommerce store 
  • It has the very low entry costs, which is great if you’re starting with a budget.
  • Gives you early access to emerging markets  without any risk.

 Instead of buying and shipping CBD hemp flower yourself, you’ll form an agreement with Hempire Gardens so that you accept orders and payments, but we manage the inventory and the shipping for you!