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Bulk/Harvest Pre-Contract

Brand: Hempire Gardens

Greenhouse Harvests 2021 Futures Contracts

*Purchase a Futures Contract to secure the exact quantity and quality you want

*Excellent trimmed flower only. No stalks, leafy material or small flowers.

(CBD content averaging 11-14%)

*Total order amount can be separated and delivered throughout the year as required


    Strain: 'HG-47' unique genetic bred by Hempire Gardens


    Place of Cultivation: Barcelona, Spain


    Method: Greenhouse with light deprivation


    Growing medium: Coco substrate

    Days in Flower: 55-60 

    Days Dried: 7-10  


    Order Quantity: 20kg-1000kg


    Delivery Date: October 2021


    Please contact us for more Information at, +34 675 838 005 or via the contact form below.