Say Hi to Cherry Pie

Let's give a warm welcome to the new addition to our collection, Cherry Pie.

Thanks to it's parents Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison, this offspring has a distinctive appearance with it's dense bud, peppered with purple and sprouting tiny orange hairs. It makes for a very attractive hemp flower and an understandable anticipation.

It's aroma is that of sweet and sour cherry pie, and when smoked emits a pleasing, sweet cherry scent with tones of spicy pine.

Thousands of strains have taken decades to create.  Enthusiasts mix old and new genetics to produce a hybrid strain, and Cherry Pie is no different.

Composed of a good ratio of indica and sativa, this little number will give a balanced effect.

Hybrids can be either indica or sativa dominant.  They will express characteristics of the dominant parent and to a lesser degree in the secondary variety.  In simple terms, indica dominant strains are best used in the evening.  They give a relaxing, sedative experience.  On the other hand, sativa dominant strains will be uplifting and energy giving.

Cherry Pie is an unmistakably potent strain.  Medicinally you can expect relief from headaches, migraines, aching muscles and PMS.

This award winning strain is definitely here to stay.



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