HG-47 Welcome to Hempire's New Unique Strain

Recent years have seen a boom in the CBD (cannabidiol) market.  It is now a multi-billion pound industry globally.  The benefits of CBD as a supplement are now being recognised, and also as an alternative remedy for many health issues, CBD is the preferred option, offering natural benefits.

Research and studies will continue as this versatile compound is producing many health and wellbeing benefits for those who need either pain relief, or are just keen to strengthen their own immunity.

CBD is derived from the hemp plant.  It contains over 100 cannabinoids.  These powerful cannabinoids work with our own in-built endo-cannabinoid system, (ECS).

Interestingly, our ECS was discovered by researchers exploring THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the psychoactive compound that induces mind-altering effects.

Our ECS has three main components, enzymes, receptors, and endocannabinoids.  There are two types of receptors present in our bodies, CB1 - which is found in the central nervous system, and CB2 - which can be found in immune cells and the peripheral nervous system.

Depending on the area that needs relief when suffering from an ailment or pain, endocannabinoids target the specific receptors.   Once the endocannabinoid has done it's job, like magic, the enzymes come along and breakdown the endocannabinoid, pretty impressive.

Experts have discovered that our own ECS function is related to several processes, e.g. sleep, memory, appetite, fertility and mood.  Marrying the ECS with CBD has both amazing and encouraging effects, with proven remedial outcomes.

The main reason we cultivate CBD is because of the powerful healing capabilities it has.  As the world is still awakening to this amazing compound, we are continuously striving for excellence and the optimum benefits that can be reaped.  We see the possibilities as being endless with continuous revelations from constant research and study into this amazing cannabinoid.

Here at Hempire Gardens we have strived for over 4 years to develop our own unique strain of CBD. Giant leaps have been made, and we believe we now have our own exceptional Signature Strain.  We are very proud to launch 'HG-47'.

It has been an arduous process, but one of revelation and love.  

Our first task consisted of choosing a handful of unique CBD-rich genetics with a THC value of under 0.5%.  Extensive research with genetics sourced from Israel, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, to name but a few countries, was thoroughly and meticulously undertaken.  

We then chose one genetic which we found was superior to the rest.  Boasting a high CBD content, with a great resistance to mould, pests and plagues, (always a considered and important factor).

The genetic we selected had a stunning phenotype along with very compact flowers throughout.  This was the genetic sourced from Israel, which had a history of being back-bred for more than a decade.

We then acquired an original Kompolti from Italy, from a genetic background dating back to 1954. This was an unbelievably historic genetic, and one that has stood the test of time. 

The next step was to create our own hybrid.  We achieved this by continuous back-breeding over the course of 4 years, with the objective of creating a CBD-rich genetic with a THC level of below the European legal limit of <0.2%.

Once these levels were achieved, the genetic was then stabilised and introduced into commercial production

The development of our new strain has been groundbreaking and overwhelming.  We have produced a premium quality, excellent genetic for our brand. This has not only given us high recognition going forward, but has also paved the way for more research and development of new strains unique to Hempire Gardens.

N.B. The image you see is of our own unique genetic - 'HG-47'....a fine specimen.

This genetic is 100% exclusive to Hempire Gardens



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