CBD and Ice Cream

Hands up who doesn't love ice cream?!

Contrary to popular belief, it was the Chinese culture that first ate ice cream and not the Italians.  Although Marco Polo brought back to Italy from China an ice-cream recipe that was a precursor.

Ice-cream is basically made from milk protein, milk fat, sugar, air, water and ice.  It's a popular dessert often chosen for it's lightness and refreshing taste.

Before the introduction of different flavours, ice-cream was a pretty bland option, although it's novelty brought interest and popularity.

Today's ice-cream flavours seem to be limitless, but well received by it's fans, and everyone has their favourite.  In the UK an average consumption of ice-cream per person per year is 9 litres!  Please don't feel guilty UK, as America is top of the ice-cream eating list with a whopping 20 litres per person, per year on average!

Ice-cream is just fine on it's own, but now there are unbounded toppings to add.  From sauces to sprinkles, it's a must for some.

There are also quite a few obscure flavours of ice-cream to be had.  For example, pear and blue cheese, pickled mango, or even corn on the cob!  What would make one squirm with the thought of trying these, some would jump with delight.

One of the more recent flavours created in the world of ice-cream is Ben and Jerry's CBD Ice-cream.  Although not sitting in the freezer at a shop near you yet, it's hopefully on it's way soon.

The issue with the delay in tantalizing our taste buds, is probably with the levels of CBD in the ice-cream.  Guidelines for CBD levels differ across Europe, the usual limit is 0.2%, but in some countries 0.3% is quite acceptable.  CBD edibles need to comply with legislation.

CBD (cannabidiol) has non-psychoactive properties, so please don't think a scoop of this delicious dessert will get you high.

CBD has well known healing properties, and what better way to feel the benefits than with this delectable much-loved treat.

CBD is safe to use and non-addictive. 

Globally we can now see that CBD is finding it's way into our diets in the most surprising ways.  

So hurry up Ben and Jerry's the suspense is unbearable!


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