About us

 The ethos of our company is to cultivate premium hemp in the most organic way possible.  Our CBD products are a natural alternative for healing and wellbeing, and we hope our beneficial produce enhances your lifestyle in many ways. Although our company is relatively new, our cultivation experience has been extensively developed over the last 20 years.
We take direction from our Chief Agriculturist, James, who has gained boundless knowledge of industrial hemp and its benefits.  James oversees our manufacturing process from beginning to end.  We our proud to announce that every stage of cultivation is monitored and developed by him personally.
Hempire Gardens are unlike any other CBD producers in that we invite you to share our growing journey.  You are welcome to view our methods of cultivation and watch us produce a healthy, organic crop from day one.  We are confident that we are unique in our approach, and believe we have a strong advantage over competitors with our ‘open book’ perspective.
Once our harvest is complete, we then move on to the fundamental step of drying the crop.  This stage is crucial to the potency and efficacy of our CBD products.
Supercritical Co2 extraction is used to extract the compounds of the hemp plant exactly and efficiently.  This strategy ensures no harmful gases or residues  contaminate our harvest.  This method is 100% pure and organic.
Each stage of production is subject to stringent examination and analysis.  Our laboratory consistently evaluates samples through the harvest cycle.  This ensures not only that we adhere to legal requirements, but all  health and safety aspects are covered. 
In addition to this, quality control is paramount.
It is reassuring for the consumer to know that we are governed by EU Regulations and Guidelines.  This ensures we follow health, safety and legality matters consistently.
We are delighted that Hempire Gardens continues to achieve a negative carbon footprint.  We have the utmost respect for our environment and would never endorse methods or practices that are not eco-friendly.  We have achieved cultivating a premium plantation organically and chemical-free.  We strongly believe that our ethos and technique sets us apart from other cultivators.
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Please read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing.
We operate a wholesale policy to bring you the best prices and value for money.
We have an excellent customer service policy.  If, for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we are here to help with a speedy resolution.
Our Mission Statement :
“At Hempire Gardens our priority is, and always will be,  to produce the purest, premium hemp products without harming our planet. Delivering the most natural and organic produce globally, we will always protect our environment and respect the world in which we all live.”