Industrial Hemp and It's Benefits

Industrial hemp is one of the fastest growing plants.  It's also one of the most versatile plants, being one of the first to be used for fibre, producing many products.

Hemp is grown for many uses,  e.g. material, paper, rope, construction, fuel and many other things.

What is also great about the humble hemp plant is that all of the plant has a use.  

CBD products are also derived from hemp.  This non-psychoactive cannabinoid has soared in popularity.  This is because of the well publicised benefits for health and well-being.  It's the perfect remedy for many ailments.

For many years hemp seeds have been eaten for the many health benefits they bring.  Hemp seeds are packed with antioxidants, and have an abundance of healthy fats and essential fatty acids.

Hemp is a good source of protein, sulphur, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, sodium, and vitamin E.

Easy to use in cooking, hemp seeds can be sprinkled on salads, used in many dishes without impairing the flavour.

Another great way to include hemp seeds in your daily diet is to include them in your drinks.  Whizzing this little addition into your smoothie or juices will give great health benefits.

Hemp helps you relax, so what better way to have it than to make a bedtime drink, - Warm some milk and put into a blender, add a heaped teaspoon of hemp seeds, a couple of pinches of turmeric, a drizzle of honey!  Sooooo nice!


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