Cultivating Chemical-Free CBD - Part 2

Please see my blog 'Cultivating Chemical-Free CBD - Part 1.

Here at Hempire Gardens, we take pride in our cultivating and manufacturing process.  It is very important to us not only to preserve our environment, but to educate others with our eco-friendly practices in growing our beloved hemp.

Our industrial hemp is grown with love and care.  Anyone can follow our crop journey on Instagram and You Tube.  We choose to share our journey because it dispels any myths people may have with the cultivation of industrial hemp.  Not only this, but we have fun sharing our stories.

Growing industrial hemp is our passion, we never work a day in our lives!  We made a decision in the beginning to cultivate premium strains without the use of harsh, harmful chemicals.

We want the world to have access to pure, clean CBD products.  So far, so good.  Unfortunately it is not the case with some other hemp farmers.  Short cuts are often taken, basically due to impatience and laziness.  Harmful chemicals are used to wash down the industrial hemp when harvested, killing what nature intended.  It is also worth mentioning here that long term consumption of any chemical is harmful to health and well being.

The drying of hemp is a crucial stage, and this too can be hindered by bad practices.  It is fair to say that unless extensive knowledge is applied to this process, some farmers can compromise quality, and sometimes even destroy a yield.

Here at Hempire Gardens, hand on heart, we never use any harmful chemicals in the growing or drying processes.

Our method of managing pests who like our crops is 100% ecological.  It is the most effective and kind way to control unwanted pests.  These practices are not only used by ourselves, but extensively by hemp farmers across the US and Canada.

Our chosen method of pest control is the 'Predator' approach. It's nature's way of dealing with agricultural problem pests.

Not to get too technical or blind you with science, we apply two different predator sachets to each plant.

The first sachet is orange.  'Amblyseius Montdriensis' for those who like the true name, but we like 'Monty'.

The 'Monties' exterminate the pesky white fly and feed off the eggs of thrips, thus not allowing them to incubate and reproduce.

The second sachet is red.  'Amblyseius Andersoni', or as we like to say 'The Anderson'.

The job of 'The Anderson' is to eradicate white and red spider mites.

Any pest can have a detrimental effect on any crop and it's a hard task to keep infestation at bay.  In some cases entire crops can be destroyed if a pest problems proves too difficult to keep under control.

We at Hempire Gardens can rest assured that our approach is not only safe, but it's extremely effective, and in a kind way.

Our predators were put in place a few days ago, and are here to stay until harvest time.  You can see their presence on Instagram and You Tube

We can, in fact, sit back and watch Mother Nature work her magic!


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