CBD Flower Shake/Trim

For those who prefer to experience CBD (cannabidiol) through smoking, Hempire Gardens now offer premium quality CBD pre-rolls.  Our pre-rolls are individually packaged, and are encased in a handy tube, not only for the retention of quality and freshness, but also for convenience.   They are 100% organic with <0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).  We're happy to say that our pre-rolls are proving very popular, and we believe it is because we do not use harmful tobacco in this premium product.

Going way back in history, to in fact the 14th century, it was Christopher Columbus who introduced tobacco to the Europeans when he landed in the Americas.  In the 15th century it was observed that Spanish colonists popularised this relatively new plant, and it's use rapidly grew.

Santo Domingo started cultivating tobacco in 1531.  It was being enjoyed and hailed initially, but after just one year it was observed that those of took tobacco had become dependant on it's use.  The realisation that it was addictive and hard to give up became apparent.

Throughout the 15th and 16th centuries tobacco had made it's way throughout Europe.  It had become very popular, and was actually seen as medicinal and a cure for major illness.   Today we know differently, tobacco can cause many major illnesses, and is extremely detrimental to health.

There are 7,000 different chemicals in tobacco smoke.  Studies and research reveal that there are at least 250 harmful components within this figure.  Amongst the offending chemicals, this includes carbon monoxide and even ammonia.  Within the 250 harmful components, 69 of them are known to cause cancer.

Ignorance saw the organisation of the tobacco trade around the 17th century.  There were also new laws and regulations to be adhered to around this time.  It was Seville in Spain that claimed to be the tobacco capital of the world around 1614.

It was deemed that all tobacco produced was passed through Seville before it was allowed to be moved to the rest of Europe.  This was a precious cargo, and when King James 1 realised it's potential and popularity, he was the first to levy a tax on tobacco.

Later on in 16th century laws were passed throughout the Americas to regulate tobacco cultivation.  This was done the ensure quality and quantity.

Strange to think now, but in the 17th century laws were made throughout Europe to limit to use of tobacco to medicinal purposes only.  Alas, this was proving futile as those who took tobacco for enjoyment, were finding it increasingly difficult to stop.

The addiction however, is due to the alkaloid nicotine and harmala alkaloids contained in the tobacco.  

The use of pipes, snuff, shishas, cigars, cigarettes, and even chewing tobacco was proving popular and en vogue.  Although it was discouraged in many countries with the threat of jail, fines, and even being beheaded for smoking in the street in Turkey!, the pursuit by individuals to consume tobacco continued, deterrents were widely ignored.

King James 1, who initially wanted to make money for his government by taxing tobacco, later condemned it's use and wrote about it's harmful properties.  

The catholic church also became involved in the quest to deter the use of tobacco by rendering it 'sinful'.

If only the harmful effects of tobacco were known fully then, and the complications that this poisonous plant can bring, there is no doubt, the world would be a healthier place.

Here at Hempire Gardens, we discourage the use of tobacco when smoking.  We endorse health and wellbeing, and the cultivation of our premium CBD flower reflects our core beliefs.

As research and studies have proved, and discoveries are ongoing, CBD is beneficial for not only general health and wellbeing, but for chronic pain and other ailments.

Our CBD flowers and oils contain <0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), so mind-altering effects will not be experienced when consumed, in other words it is not psychoactive.  It is also safe and non-addictive.

Our CBD flowers and oils can be enjoyed in many ways.  They are both versatile, and can be included in food or drink, although some do enjoy smoking CBD flower.

Smoking CBD flower is a pleasant experience as long as there is no harmful tobacco included.  Pain relief and many other benefits, such as stress, poor sleep, anxiety, but to mention a few, can be alleviated.

Our cultivation process is, and always will be, eco-friendly.  Our processes ensure we leave no carbon footprint.  We have endeavoured to use all the the hemp plant we grow.  Not only do we produce the most premium quality CBD flower, but wastage is at a complete minimum.

Managing our waste is pretty simple, we use every bit of the hemp plant that we can.  At harvest time, not only do we produce the finest CBD buds, but flower that does not make the grade, is also kept as it can be put to good use.  This flower is just as potent and beneficial as the cream of the crop, but when our CBD flower is harvested some large buds can break into very small buds.  From this point a fine dust can also be left behind from harvest.

What we are the left with after harvest is 'shake' or 'trim' as it is sometimes known.  'Shake' is the smaller buds that break off from the larger bud, while trim is what is left after the bud is hand-manicured after harvest and drying.  This is ideal for pre-rolls, the shake or trim will substitute tobacco as it can be ground to personal preference.

Shake or trim is also ideal for use in food and drink.  It can be easily added to any recipe of choice, providing all the usual CBD benefits.

Choosing to smoke shake or trim rather than tobacco optimises the benefits of CBD.  Using tobacco kind of defeats the health and wellbeing objective. 

Expect an earthy, spicy, herbal taste from our trim, which will be sure to compliment our premium quality CBD flower buds.

Shake and trim is now available on our website with a growing demand.  This tells us that tobacco is slowly but surely being left on the shelf, a welcomed change for a healthier lifestyle choice.


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