CBD And Your Pets At Home In The Lockdown

Our pets are part of our family and much loved.  Animal lovers will always have a pet at home if it's practical, as they love being around their furry friends.

Pets can bring much needed company to the lonely, they can bring fun and love, and help make a home happy.

We spend a lot of time with our pets, and from a young age they develop their own personalities.  We know when they are sad, unwell, anxious, happy, excited, etc., and although they cannot talk, they do communicate their needs quite cleverly.

Nobody likes to see their pet unwell or in pain, but as they age, sometimes they can develop health conditions, albeit manageable or treatable.

Normally when our pets are under the weather, a quick trip to the vet is usually the answer.  Here we are given advice and/or medication to get our little friend back on the road to recovery.

Unfortunately, in a time where we cannot access usual services, our vet may not be available.  Over the counter remedies for health issues may be available, but it's more comforting to have an accurate diagnosis.

Studies have shown that CBD (cannabidiol) has beneficial health benefits for animals.

CBD has been proven to help with things such as arthritis, seizures, loss of appetite, anxiety and inflammation, to name a few.

The best way to administer CBD to your pet is in the form of CBD oil.  It is easy to use, ideally a few drops under the tongue, as this gets into the system quickly.  Although we all know how tricky it can be to get your pet to accept it!  Alas, CBD oil can be added into food or drinking water.

In some cases prevention is better than cure, so it might be a good idea to include CBD oil into your pet's daily diet.

CBD oil is safe to use.  European Regulations and Guidelines make sure stringent analysis is consistently carried out, so we can trust it's use.


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