CBD Oil and Holistic Therapies

CBD flowers and oils are now hailed as an excellent holistic approach to our health and well being.

European Regulations ensure that the cultivators of CBD flowers and oils follow stringent guidelines for their safe production.

Regular laboratory analysis is adhered to by cultivators of industrial hemp to safeguard the levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) present in CBD flowers and oils.  Usually THC levels are recommended to be <0.2%, although in some European countries <0.3% is now deemed acceptable.

Legislation is hoped to be changed in the near future for all European countries to produce CBD flowers and oils with a <0.3% THC level.  Many advocators are waiting patiently!

CBD makes up around 40% of the hemp plant extracts.  

For centuries the benefits of CBD have been recognized globally.  Healing the mind and body with natural remedies is favoured my millions, and the derivatives of the humble hemp plant are top of the list for most.

The popularity of CBD flowers and oils has grown hugely in recent years.  This is because there are many ailments and conditions successfully being treated with undeniable results.

CBD flowers and oils are very versatile and easy to use.  CBD oil can be taken directly under the tongue with no dilution, and relief can be experienced within minutes.  CBD flowers can be added into culinary dishes or even smoked, (obviously without harmful tobacco).

These days, on the high street, personal products such as moisturizers, shampoo, soaps, etc. can be found with that all important ingredient CBD.

CBD is safe to use and is non-addictive, just another plus of this amazing plant.


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