CBD and Hair Care

Summer is well and truly here which usually means we can look forward to endless days of sunshine and warmth.

However, the hot weather can sometimes have a negative effect on our hair, or crowning glory, as we like to call it, and our scalp.  Prolonged periods in the direct sunlight can damage hair irreversibly.

The sun can damage our hair and scalp if we are not careful and cautious of the elements.  If we expose our hair and scalp to the sun, what can happen is that the UVA and UBV rays can really damage the hair cuticles.

Our hair can react to the sun's harmful rays by drying out, and becoming brittle.  Brittle hair tends to split at the ends, causing untamed frizziness.  Another factor of sun damaged hair is discolouration.  The sun can bleach hair to varying degrees, and can strip our locks of their beautiful natural colour.

Our scalp can suffer too with the heat and harmful rays of the sun.  A dry scalp can become sore and itchy.  Scratching that itch can cause the scalp to flake, leaving unsightly white particles on clothes and skin.

It is recommended that we cover our heads to protect the hair and scalp from the sun.  Wearing a hat in hot weather, not only protects the hair and scalp, but it actually cools the whole body down.

To remedy sun damage caused to the hair and scalp, there are many treatments available.  From shampoos to leave-in hair masks, they can be quite effective.  Of course using the appropriate product for your type of hair can be key too.

A regular cut of dead or split ends is recommended too, to keep the hair looking healthy, and full bodied.

CBD products are now being hailed as a good choice to keep a healthy scalp and head of hair.

CBD (cannabidiol) contains omega fatty acids.  This is great news, as these ingredients keep the hair and scalp moisturized.  CBD can nourish the hair follicle and seal split ends.

CBD shampoo gives hair a natural shine with a protective coat for the hair shaft.  CBD is anti-inflammatory, so any irritation the scalp has undergone will calm down.

CBD oil is high in vitamin E which will promote hair growth.  A few drops under the tongue will have an overall beneficial effect on the hair and body.

Massaging CBD oil into the scalp can stimulate the hair follicle and promote hair growth.

Available on the high street and online, CBD is now easily accessible.

It is a safe product to use, a great addition to your personal care repertoire.

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