CBD and Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common condition experienced by all ages.  Although as we get older our skin begins to dry and wrinkle as the production of collagen reduces.  Skin then also loses it's elasticity.

There are many different reasons skin can be dry.  This could be something as simple as dehydration, whereby the sufferer is not drinking enough liquids.  This can dry our skin out.  Another reason skin can feel dry is through smoking.  Smoking depletes the skin of oxygen, causing it to become dry and wrinkled.

The weather can also play a part in the condition of our skin.  Severe hot or cold climates can dry skin out.

Using harsh detergents on the clothes we put next to our skin can irritate and inflame the skin.  Also using personal care items such as face washes, soaps and shower gels can upset the pH balance of the skin, and destroy the natural oils that keep it soft and supple.

To alleviate the soreness and stiffness of dry skin it's good to make sure our diets contains skin boosting vitamins,minerals and anti-oxidants.  Working from inside out can have very beneficial effects.

There are many products available to help us put moisture back into our skin, one of which is CBD.

CBD (cannabidiol), is derived from the hemp plant.  Available in the form of oil, masks, moisturizers, sunscreens, lip balms and more, CBD is fast becoming an all-rounder.  Not only for various skin conditions, but also for many health problems.

CBD oil can be taken orally.  It's usually sold in a small bottle with a pipette dispenser.  A few drops daily under the tongue can alleviate inflammation and irritation.

Topical creams and moisturizers containing CBD are great for treating problem areas.  Regular use will see a marked improvement in dry skin.

CBD products are safe to use.  CBD oil is non-addictive as it does not contain psychoactive ingredients, unlike it's counterpart THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

European Regulations and Guidelines ensure CBD production is monitored and quality is assured,

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