CBD and Burns

Burning one's skin can be painful, whether from a flame, a scald or connecting skin with something extremely hot, i.e. the sun.

Scalding the skin can be caused by hot water or steam.  The skin can be damaged to varying degrees, and it can be very painful.

Skin can also be burnt with household products such as detergents, and even certain garden plants can burn the skin.

It is recommended that when we burn our skin we should put the burnt area under running cold water for a few minutes.  The painful sensation we feel is the skin cells being destroyed.

Our bodies reaction to burning oftentimes is blistering.  Blisters will cover the affected area to form a barrier.  The barrier protects the area from infection, and allows new skin cells to form.

Beyond water, depending on the severity of the burn, applications of medicinal ointment or painkilling solutions can be sought.

A relatively new remedy for burns is CBD.  CBD (cannabidiol), is derived from the hemp plant. CBD is a good treatment for first and second degree burns.  It is effective for inflammation and pain.

CBD contains a compound called Terpene, also known as Linalool.  A cooling and relieving solution, Linalool acts to calm the burn.

CBD oil is easy to use.  It has anti-bacterial properties and so is good for fighting infection which can occur with a burn. 

CBD can not only treat burns, but other skin conditions too, such as psoriasis and acne.  Also good news is that CBD can help reduce the appearance of scars.  It nourishes skin making it more supple.

Available now on the high street or online, CBD oil is widely available.

It is safe to use and is analysed regularly, so it's a trustworthy product.

A must for any first aid box.



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