10 Things You May Not Know About Wonderful CBD

Striving for optimum health has become almost an obsession, especially in these unpredictable times.

How we look after ourselves has become an important anchor for many.  With building the immune system at the top of the list.

If you have never embarked on a healthy living regime, why not start now? Join the global push to optimise wellbeing and physical supremacy.  It's a good a time as any, in fact as we seem to be living a somewhat insular existence in the current pandemic, this could be your ideal opportunity to focus and concentrate on YOU!

When we think of a more healthier lifestyle our first thoughts are of the food diets we follow.  Are they balanced and healthy?  Daily diets depend totally on the individual, there are many factors which can impact healthy meal choices.  Things such as age, gender, occupation, intolerances, and more can determine what we eat.

There is a plethora of diets to choose from, and no doubt there are some very beneficial choices, but do they suit you as an individual?

Balance and realistic goals are the key to success. Eliminating food groups is never a good idea unless you have an intolerance.  If you are to maintain a healthy weight and a sense of wellbeing, rather than a 'diet', it would be more practical to re-educate yourself with the benefits certain food options can give.  After all, this needs to be for the long term, a way of life, and many diets can be short lived because they cannot be sustained.

Small changes are a good way forward, as there is more chance of them becoming the norm than drastic measures.  Crash or fad diets are definitely a no-no.  Shocking your system is not a good idea.

Exercise plays a big part in our wellbeing.  Not only does the physical body benefit, but there are huge positive plusses for mental health too.

Taking your quest for health to another level would be to include some beneficial supplements. Ideally the vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy will usually be found in our food.  However, certain vitamins don't remain in our bodies and other factors such as the way we cook our food can deplete important nutrients.

In recent years the addition of CBD (cannabidiol) into our daily routines has become popular.

CBD is derived from the hemp plant and has many beneficial properties for healing our bodies.  CBD is a compound that contains over 100 cannabinoids.  These cannabinoids work with our own endo-cannabinoid system which builds immunity.

CBD flowers and oils are now widely available on our high streets or online.  The good news too is that it has <0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) contained in CBD.  THC is the compound that gives you a 'high' feeling, but CBD is non-psychoactive.

EU Regulations and guidelines ensure that CBD products are safe to use, and are non-addictive.

Here are just 10 of the benefits from adding CBD into your daily routine :

  1. It's great for treating anxiety
  2. Arthritis pain can be managed
  3. Quality of sleep is greatly improved
  4. Acne and other skin conditions can benefit 
  5. Potentially can prevent diabetes
  6. Can stabilise blood pressure
  7. Helps alleviate depression
  8. Can treat cancer pain
  9. Epilepsy can be controlled
  10. Boosts the immune system

CBD is very versatile.  The flowers and oil can be added into food or drink.  Alternatively the oil can be administered under the tongue for a quick way into the bloodstream and quick relief from pain.

However, general health will benefit from CBD as it will support the immune system.

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