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Banana Kush CBD Flower

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    • Tasting notes:  tastes and smells like bananas, rich and delicious

    • CBD: 11-12%

    • Excellent trimmed flower only. No stems, leafy material or small flowers


    Cultivation & Production 

    Hempire Gardens premium CBD hemp flowers are legally grown in our own farms in Spain, carefully harvested by hand, mechanically shucked & hand trimmed, and finally presented free of the stems, stalks, and seed.

    You are welcome to view our methods of cultivation and watch us produce a healthy, organic crop from day one.  We are confident that we are unique in our approach, and believe we have a strong advantage over competitors with our ‘open book’ perspective.  Once our harvest is complete, we then move on to the fundamental step of drying the crop.  This stage is crucial to the potency and efficacy of our CBD products. 


    EU Regulations & Safety 

    Each stage of our cultivation process is subject to stringent examination and analysis.  Our partnered CTAEX laboratory consistently evaluates samples throughout the harvest cycle.  This ensures not only that we adhere to EU legal requirements (<0.2 % thc) , but all  health and safety aspects are covered.

    In addition to this, quality control is paramount.  It is reassuring for the consumer to know that we are governed by Spain's and EU Regulations and Guidelines.  This ensures we follow health, safety and legality matters consistently and thouroughly. 


    Important Information: 

    - All of our flowers are cultivated in an organic manner.

    - Free of GMO.

    - Free of pesticides.

    - The end use of the product is exclusively for decorative, collection or aromatherapeutic purposes.

    - This product does not have psychoactive effects of any type.

    - Do not inhale this product.

    - This product is under the legal limit of 0.2% THC according the Real Decree 1729/1999.

    - Not recommended for dietary or pharmaceutical use.