That Special Ingredient...CBD

Cooking or baking with CBD oil or flowers is a great way to experience the benefits.

It's such a versatile ingredient to any dish, so can be used in so many receipes.

If you're worried about 'getting high' from what you ingest through food or drink that contains CBD, its good to know it doesn't actually work that way.  The CBD oil and flowers are non-psychoactive.  That said, it is wise to initially use the products sparingly. As everyone responds differently to different doses, you can experiment with what suits you best.

Heat is a big factor when cooking with CBD.  It's best to bind with a fat, for example, butter, coconut oil or ghee.

It works great in salad dressings that can be drizzled over food such as pizzas, eggs, and avocado.  Pesto and soups also love CBD.

Baking with CBD is another great option.  Chocolate and sugar make this ingredient virtually invisible.  Also with the plethora of flavours available it works well with other ingredients.

Be sure to use a high quality product, like our own, as inferior brands could alter the dish significantly.

Bon Appetit!






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