CBD (Cannabidiol) and The Mediterranean Diet

Have you heard about CBD FLOWERS or about CBD PRODUCTS? here in Europe, the popularity of these products are fastly growing!

CBD FLOWERS and CBD PRODUCTS are full of benefits for your health and well being. WHOLESALE is not available in the whole of EUROPE for these products.

The Mediterranean diet has long been hailed as one of the healthiest ways to live.  Various studies have shown that people from the Mediterranean actually live longer!, which is not surprising, as their diets include a lot of gut-friendly dishes.

Our gut health is very important for us to keep overall health.  There are between 300-500 types of bacteria that live in our digestive tract.  These microorganisms are mostly gut friendly, and we need these to fight infection and keep our immunity in balance.

Antibiotics have shown to deplete the good bacteria in our gut, which is not good news, as it takes some time to get our gut bacteria back to normal levels. It is advisable to try not to take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.

Probiotics are living organisms that can help put back some of the good bacteria in our gut when it has been affected by illness.  Probiotics can be found in things like yoghurt, miso, and sauerkraut.

CBD flowers and oils are really good for gut health.  As CBD products help with inflammation and bloating, incorporating them into our diets is a great option.

CBD flowers and oils are easy to incorporate into many dishes, and used correctly they will not alter the overall flavour of a dish.

The Mediterranean diet includes olive oil, legumes (such as lentils, beans), various nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables.

Of course CBD oil can be taken directly under the tongue, a few drops will suffice. 

CBD is a great reliever of stress and anxiety, which of course is often felt in the gut.  Also stress and anxiety is known to effect the colon, so again, CBD flowers and oils taken regularly can relieve symptoms.

CBD flowers and oil are non-addictive and safe to use.

European Regulations and Guidelines ensure that CBD products can be used with confidence.


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